As an independent, registered, investment advisory firm, Cognitiant provides financial planning, wealth management, and investment advice for individuals and families and their trusts and estates. We also provide services to banks, corporations, charitable organizations and other business entities. We are located in Portland Oregon, but the electronic age gives us a global perspective.

We generally base our compensation on a percentage of assets under management. However, unlike other investment advisors, we do not limit our services to "fee only" arrangements. We tailor our agreements with clients to their exact needs whether those include commission, hourly compensation, or flat fee plans. The situation and client preference guide the choice. Initial consultations are free of charge.

We also provide non-investment services, including licensed tax representation, life insurance, long term care insurance, pension and profit sharing plans, annuities, and business consulting. We may provide such services using our own staff or through third parties. We have no existing agreements to make or receive referrals, provide services for, or otherwise compensate such third parties. As a result our advisors and our clients are free to work with any provider they feel would best meet the client's needs.

We coined "cognitiant" to accurately define our distinct approach: to use intelligent, educated, well-researched bases for decisions regarding our clients' finances and investments. The Latin word "cognoscere" means "to know, to think, to reason, to investigate." The suffix, "-iant", derives from the Germanic and means "to have the quality of, be able to do or to make." That is the way we do business: we craft what we need to get it right.

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