daughter dreams of becoming a concert pianist.
A son wants to become an international trade lawyer.
You and your spouse want to retire in
your dream home on the lake.
You control three important actions that can help meet your financial goals. Careful planning, consistent execution, and the ability to adapt to change are essential to owning the home you desire, seeing your child's education complete, and knowing that a comfortable retirement is not out of reach.

Cognitiant professionals provide careful, well-researched analysis of your financial options. During an initial consultation we will help you decide how much to invest in your employer plan if you have one. We will identify the initial steps to build your retirement and estate. We can assess whether you have the right amounts and kinds of insurance, and we can establish a plan for your children's educational needs.
We match this financial planning with sound investment advice. Whether you prefer to make your own investment decisions or desire more detailed assistance, we commit to helping you succeed with solid research and evenhanded advice. We can identify sensible responses to the changing fiscal environment as time passes. Our greatest tool is an educated appraisal of research materials from third party agencies, annual reports, prospectuses, company releases, and filings with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). These all guide us in advising you on such things as which investments in your employer plan and the marketplace can best reach your goals.

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